For all the players using packet replays to cheat and think you are not breaking the rules:

You are pressing a hotkey that executes a script built into the browser (third-party software) to replay a previous request. It is made worse because it is functioning as a bot sending messages directly to the server. As noted in the Forge of Empires rules "It is not allowed to use click-bots or scripts that minimize your manual clicks". Pressing a keyboard key that simulates an action normally taking 3-4 clicks is obviously breaking those rules. The Forge Of Empires team can and absolutely should ban all players caught using this method to "click" so fast.

It is VERY easy for the Forge team to pinpoint who is doing this in both GvG and GBG as every request to the server contains a unique and incrementing request ID. When you replay a previous packet, that same request ID is used. In addition, the interface prevents you from entering a battle without any selected troops. When your troops die and you fight with an army of dead troops, they can easily flag that as well. Yet another tell tale sign would be fighting on a sector without an active siege, whether it be because the sector was conquered already or the siege was broken. Of course that assumes superhuman speed alone is not a big enough red flag. This site will serve as a means to pinpoint exact players, maps, sectors and times for Inno to review manually until they hopefully automatically ban players caught using this tactic.


FOElite (iPenguinPat) just posted a YouTube video discussing this on 6/30/22:

Normally, iPenguinPat is very on point with his thoughts and conclusions. The one major point he missed is that the replay function in browsers is indeed a script that repeats a specific set of actions. The same way a macro would repeat a specific set of actions. Players also have to hit a hotkey to trigger it. As discussed above, it functions like a bot on top of that as it requires no interaction with the interface to execute those actions.