This site was built to publicly list players "clicking" at superhuman speeds with the hopeful outcome of the Forge of Empires team utilizing it to address this issue. The information is crowdsourced from multiple players utilizing methods similar to FOE Helper's GvG features. It currently only covers US20 (Uceria) and is far from 100% complete, there are likely many more superhuman examples than presented. The data is pulled from information sent directly from the game servers to all players. Any fights against NPC's are tallied as 3 clicks and any fights on sectors against other guilds are tallied up as 4 clicks. If the Forge of Empires team would like, logs of the battles can be provided directly or offered to download from this site.

Many games rate limit players automatically to 15 cps (clicks per second) and/or ban players that reach that high. Most normal people are unable to even reach 10 cps, most falling between 5 and 10 cps. There are people out there that use mouse hacks, macros, bots and manipulating memory or packets to reach effective cps far higher. The players listed on this site may be using any or all of those illegitimate means. No matter how they are doing it, this site was built to make it easier for the Forge of Empires team.

One specific method publicly claimed by players listed on this site is replaying packets utilizing developer tools in browsers. This method is a macro, using a hotkey to perform other functions, made worse by performing functions of a bot sending actions directly to the servers without interacting with the interface. It should be easy for the FOE team to identify as there is a unique "requestID" every time a game function is requested. Replaying existing packets seems to pass other means that are used to validate requests, but using the same requestID which should be easy to track and identify abuses. This could also address many bots that likely exhibit the same behavior. In addition, there must be some other detectable event when a player's army is killed and they attack again with a dead army which the game interface prevents.

Hopefully at some point this site can get taken down when some of the abuses by players in this game curtail. If the Forge of Empires team would like to work with us to provide data to populate this site for Uceria more steadily or for more worlds, please contact us at [email protected]. We would also be willing to help discuss other means we believe the team can use to combat other abuses.